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"I Want To See Some Facesitting" | From K&C #3

"I Want To See Some Facesitting" | From K&C #3...

2015-04-22 04:01 742 Dailymotion

downtown eastside vancouver facesitting

downtown eastside vancouver facesitting...

2015-06-14 00:19 954 Dailymotion

Lita Facesitting Pin Tommy Dreamer


2015-09-10 00:15 5,989 Dailymotion

Facesitting Pin Tommy Dreamer


2017-01-06 00:15 512 Dailymotion

Facesitting Meaning

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2016-01-14 00:30 361 Dailymotion

Peace through Face-sitting

Last but not least, the only person who's been worth shooting now that everything's gone all Autumn on us, Roman and another facesitting vid. The other day whe...

2011-07-21 01:44 0 Vimeo

sweet vagine smell

The erotic vaginal scent of a desirable woman Click to smell:

2010-12-29 01:32 0 Vimeo

Peace through Face-sitting explained further

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is, yes it's true. Now that the weather's gotten chilly Roman's the only one standing out at the park, night & day with his FACESITTING s...

2011-07-20 07:31 0 Vimeo


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2017-09-20 00:10 0 Vimeo

Face Sitting For Peace - Coney Island

Meet Roman Shusterman. He is on a mission. That mission is to seek World Peace Through Face Sitting....

2011-09-23 12:06 0 Vimeo