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Car Crash

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2017-05-16 10:11 346 Dailymotion

Car Crash - VFX Shot

VFX shot of a car crash. Shot on RED camera Lighting/Shading/Modeling: 3Ds Max Render: VRay Crash Simulation: Thinking Particles Dust Elements: FumeFX Composin...

2014-03-26 01:15 0 Vimeo

Car crash V04

Initial renders for start of the shot..wip still...

2015-09-17 00:06 0 Vimeo

Car Crash RnD

This is a car crash RnD i did within 2 days last week. I have done wooden gate fractures before but i wanted to do a complete car crash shot. This was complete ...

2015-06-09 00:08 0 Vimeo

Car crash breakdown


2014-07-07 01:12 0 Vimeo

Chrystals and Car crash

Just had to crank vray. 6000000000 polys in this scnene. Every car is highpoly with complete interior....

2014-12-18 00:33 0 Vimeo